Rasayana Medical Spa and Wellness Clinic

Rasayana – REJUVENATE! Rasayana is an Ayurvedic/ Sanskrit term that literally means “path of
essence” or “path of life” and is the science of lengthening the lifespan. With an emphasis on
restoring the health of those who are ill and without hope, all while giving youth back to those
who feel they are fading into old age, Rasayana and the concepts it embodies aligns with the
mind/ body/ spirit/ soul holistic health focus envisioned for the practice.

Rasayana is a holistic functional medicine practice with a focus on weight loss/ wellness,
bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, and IV nutritional therapy. As we grow, we will add                                                                                                     services, including: aesthetics, skin care, and protein rich plasma (PRP) and stem cell therapy.                                                                                                            Rasayana is a center for holistic healing, emphasizing the connection of the mind, body, spirit, and                                                                                                       soul on one’s overall health while enhancing the essence and quality of life – all in an effort to                                                                                                          lengthen the lifespan; this is where quality of life and quantity of years converge!

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